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Bra alert

Today first time I like to tell last post in English
For many women search for the perfect fitting bra is like an odyssey through the department and specialty stores. For men, maybe it will develop into a nightmare.

If I dig through the popular mail-order catalogs, I find an almost indescribable range of bras. Even the lingerie departments of department stores have a plethora of stands with a seemingly infinite number of bras. We are more surprised when knowing our own size, walking through the stand with the alleged offer. For the buyers apparently the time has stood still at times when cup size D was still just a gigantic and cup size B as the understood of the normal breast. Starting from cup size D offer and elegance of the models will drop down and it is difficult to find something.

My forays into the lingerie department of the larger chain stores show me how difficult the search for the perfect bra can be
If we now as a man in search of a bra are that one even needs, then we can quickly despair. Probably it’s the image that the garment bra is spread in public. Regularly radiate us from billboards along roads and building walls model, present the pride her breasts in bras, with captions "super push-up", "seduction", "super-cleavage", etc., suggesting that the makers of such advertising are of the opinion, the bra is sexualized and is only worn by women, to promote the pairing. So if a man wears bra, it’s indecent, or at least once suspicious. Many vendors are accordingly also confused when suddenly a man in front of them in the store and is asking for a matching bra for himself. In my search for matching bras I have been constantly observed in disbelief, which I incline to be ascribed probably and that's when my size 38DD amazing. For as much as I try to hide my breasts, he is still to realize upon closer inspection.For shopping you should be aware following things.
  1. Vendor human being just like us with views that is shaped by the media.
  2. We are not libertines, because we wear a garment that is used to support our breast. We have to hide but cannot be confident.
  3. We are a minority, which is considered carefully, so we should not even happily present for the entire "public" our desires.
  4. Vendors are always in conflict between their work tasks (sell) and their moral views if necessary.
  5. In a lingerie store or lingerie department, women are not always thrilled when in the booth next to them a man tried bras.

When shopping, I have collected the following experiences. In almost all stores will initially be assumed that you are looking for a piece of clothing for wife or girlfriend. If you want to be taken seriously, so you should carefully prepare vendor that you are looking for a matching bra for yourself. But you should not immediately go like a bull at a gate, because it is far from normal, when men wear bras.

Normally the first question is: "May I help you or want you to look only once?" Since you can answer such as "I'm looking for a matching bra (an outfit, summer, etc.)." Perhaps you can already request a color or a particular property express (as invisible as possible, as thin as possible, non-padded or similar). So, it’s clear at first, that you have certain ideas.

Importantly, the second question:

It is often asked: "How size is the lady had?" Here it’s clear how the initial situation. A man is searching for his sweetheart a gift. When this question comes up, you should immediately put your cards on the table. Immediately decision will be making whether you're done with the purchase or not. I was previously asked this question in every other case and I answered as follows:
  • The size is usually 38DD, but the bra is not for a lady, but for me.
  • I am looking for a bra for me.
  • My size is about 38DD.
After that there were very different reactions, but often I was cautious or even dismissed pretty clearly. In one case, I got the answer: "I do; now we will search and find."
In about four cases I was asked. "What size you are looking for?" Who is brave, can respond with the size that he wears now like.

  • "I wear mostly size 38DD, but the size will differ from model to model." Or:
  • "So far I have come with 38DD well clear." alternatively:
  • "I need about size 38DD."Cautious: "I look for a bra size 38DD, the not notice that."

In any case, you should add, however, already, "I think the right bra fitting is the result." Or, alternatively, "What fits, will be shown during the fitting to others."
In two cases, I was asked, "What size do you take?" So it was relatively easy.
Usually then begins the sales pitch. First, you should be clear about what you are looking for. Usually is asked whether you want a single color, colorful, non-padded, embroidered or padded model. Normally then vendor collects three to four bras that choose. Now that many bras are one on the counter and it is the crucial moment.
In five shops I have been asked once: "Do you want to try once, what fits?" Nine or ten times I've been asked if I can try on. Only twice I was rejected. Once with the remark other customers would not understand it. But I could try on at home and if necessary change. In almost all cases, I was asked if I need assistance during tasting. Up to twice the vendor then looked to see whether the bra sits and in these cases also seen that I need a bra. Then the situation changed, there were other models or sizes range creates. It was considered that everything sits and corrected if the straps length.
Several times I got praise, "Wow, you know your size. That does not know many women."
Not always fit the advice was fine. I have been getting only three shops really recommend perfect fitting bras and bought. I've found my right size until about three years ago. At that time, a saleswoman told me the first time sold perfect fitting bras.
Whoever expects addresses or names, I'm going to disappoint. Because I know that not all women accept a bra on man, I'm cautious. However, I encourage everyone to find it out themselves. In Busenfreundinnen, there is a thread that will be judged in the appropriate stores in terms of their advice to women. Since anyone can find out the first address for itself.
Yours BraBerliner

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