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search for matching bra - part 1

Today second post in English, it's Version of brasaerching post.

Before starting search for matching bra correct measurement is necessary.
If you have decided to wear a bra, it comes first important to find the right size.

To determine the size you have to know the following:
  1. The measured values ​​cannot replace the Taste,
  2. Two readings are not enough.
  3. A bra should support the breast without being uncomfortable.

To measure it is sufficient to measure with a tape measure below and across the chest. To take two values ​​below the breast by exhales and the measuring tape very tight draws, then loosely measures. This yields, for example, the following values:
  • fixed: 93 cm
  • loose: 97 cm

When choosing the right band wide, you must remember that this stretches vary by bra. An elongation of about 10 cm is nothing extraordinary. In the example above could lower breast strips 85 to 90 (UK sizes 38 - 40) are tried. Then you measure loosely across your chest. You’ve to note that the fabric is distributed according to the upper body posture. If the bra should be comfortable to wear, everything must be in the basket, otherwise the bra pushes the tissue and that is uncomfortable. The cup size is determined by the Chest.
Your first measured while standing then prevented and finally on your back. This will get three different readings. (e.g. 115 - 118 – 112 cm). The wide gives an indication of the appropriate combination of band size and cup number. In this case I would have sizes between 85E and 90D, with the UK sizes 38DD – 40D worth sampling.
The sizes of the bra measurement schemes are manifold. A rough approximation for the above example is as follows.

Band size
EU sizes (cm)         80 85 90 95 100
UK sizes (inches)   36 38 40 42 44

Cup sizes
EU sizes                 A B C D  E   F G H

UK sizes                 A B C D DD E F FF

Besides these, there are other size schemes in Italy, Australia and Canada. A separate size schemes is used by the brand Change.

This means you must try on bra to find out the right matching. Therefore it is important to know how to put on a bra properly, and what special features you need to consider when fit test, more about that later. For today only once.
Bye, bye

Your BraBerliner

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