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search for matching bra - part 2

Now that we have determined roughly our size and the possible sizes, so we can start. Anyone who has been with the wife or girlfriend in lingerie store or department store yet, knows how hard it is to find the right shape and the right size.

Therefore, rule number 1:

A basic cut form select: After my experience, there are three basic cuts that will vary in their individual performances.
  1. Half-cup bras: The cups end up relatively straight, the wires are in the middle (bar) pretty far-reaching upward, the straps usually relatively far out. 
  2. Plunge bras: The cups are usually formed and connected to a relatively flat bar. The straps are less far outboard as the Half-Cup.
  3. Full-cup bras: As the name suggests, the cups are designed so that they go well tall and cover the whole breast. Mostly they are run as center support bras.
All bras are usually considered as non-padded and padded version. Padded means bra is padded with an underlying layer of fabric. The typical representative is the T-Shirt bra. Maybe the layer isn’t thin we have a Push-up bra. Through the pads to the press the nipples can be avoided through thin shirts. Also you have underwired and wireless bras. Most bras are underwired especially Balcony, Push-up and T-Shirt-bras.
That’s all on this subject for the moment. For more detailed descriptions, it is worthwhile read at Busenfreundinnen or even some online lingerie stores.

We are now at the point where we have to decide what we want to try. For starters, it is useful to look up at the Full Cup. Here you can usually find bras that distribute the breast rather flat. Through the center support and less, there is the risk that the straps slides. Who doesn’t want that can start at the half-cups and in Plunge-bras. Half Cups have often wider wires, they usually get the chest from the side to the front. a special representative of the so-called Balcony. Through the wires width, they are usually better for us men. But they also shape the breast, which should be aware of purchase.

We have now selected the first several copies, it's time to try. Take the first time with a woman, your wife or girlfriend, or a good friend. Or go to a smaller shop or boutique to be advised. The fit can be judged better by a second look, and who it is more suited as a woman. For proper tightening of the bras I will write a separate post. But here are a few thoughts on fit.

Main criteria: I need to feel comfortable with the bra. In order to succeed, you should:
Determine the band sit (in the extreme hooks closed) so that still fit three fingers under the band, without interfering,
  • The cups comprise the entire breast tissue, it may at the top and sides nothing out swell 
  • The wire should sit in the breast crease, and the bar must be present. 
  • The straps must not cut and not slide around
Well, that was the second part. Continue in the next post

Yours BraBerliner

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