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How to put on a bra right

For a bra during the day is convenient, it has to fit. But furthermore it's necessary to put it on right. Before buying as well as during the regular wearing the bra actually contributes to better comfort, I would like to give a few tips on how to tighten the bra.

When we go through the world watchful, we can note how often women pluck the day at their bra straps, to bring them into the correct position. This may be a sign of a bra in the wrong size, but may also be related to the fact that the bra was an improper and its function cannot meet 100%.

So what is to be noticed?

We already know that the band is to take about 80% of the support function. Therefore it is important that there are approximately parallel to the ground around the body is present and is so tight that it will not be taken during the day, by the weight of the chest in the back to the top. The straps will again be set so that the breast in the bra is optimally shaped. If they are set to the correct length, then there are no wrinkles in the cup and the straps don’t cut into your shoulders, provided the appropriate cup size and the correct fit of the bra.

Thus the bra pushes nowhere, the entire breast tissue of the cups are covered. If the bar or wires presses on the breast tissue, then make footprints that pains later in the day. This will irritate the skin at the sites of the wires prints and reddens.

The bra put on right of the following:

  1. Slip initially with arms under the straps, then bend forward and pull the cup so the chest, that the bow rests below the breast crease. 
  2. Then depend on the bra and close on the back. The best way to set is with your thumb under the band, and then closes from top to bottom in order to check. I do that with my bras with 3 x 3 hooks without any problems. A little practice, however, is needed already. 
  3. Now it makes sense, the band again to pull all around smooth and back to position precisely. Then pull straps over the shoulder. 
  4. Lastly, put the breast tissue, which is the side next to the cups still in gently by hand with the respective opposite the tissue lightly presses and pushes it into the cup. A final smoothing of the band, and voila, the bra fits perfectly. 
If you've done all that, then the day would slip over anything. The right strap length can often not properly regulate itself. But it works if you again from the straps slips and subsequently corrected. Then again, slide breast from the sides into the cups.

To check if everything is properly stowed, you can still perform the following tests.
  • The bar between the cups should lie flat against the chest. 
  • When you lift your arms, then not a tissue should bulge over the lateral cup rim. 
  • If you lean forward, the chest should not slide up and out of the cups. 
Often we (men) have problems with slipping straps, because we have a strong trapezius. Especially at most half-cup bras, the straps are placed at the far outer cup, which contributes to an increase in slip. This can be prevented if the straps can be slightly longer in the back and with a clip the bra strap connects to a Racerback. Alternatively wear bras with center support, such as the fantasy Esme.

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