Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2022

Great match - Hunkemöllers Maya bra with Yvenne Thong

Seriously, last time I have talked about pants, so now I will talk about a matching set  and report about it's fit.

You remember?

This set is a mix from Hunkemöller, the bra is  Maya, white unpadded balcony in a 85F and the thong is Yvenne in size L.

Both are with much embroidery fabric and matching perfect.

So, what are technically:

Bra: Maya 85F, 89% Polyamid, 11% Elasthan 

Band size unstrechted, stretched: 82 / 99

wires lengths, width: 32 / 19

strap length: 45

center hight. 8

front view for Maya bra

This bra is very comfortable and is in Hunkemöllers size chart true. I wear actually in Hunkemöllers size chart a 85F or 38E size. So it fits perfectly.

The fabric is very comfortable an the fit is great. If you wear it a long day, you not notice, that you wear a bra. I think, this is amazing. The price is nice. with 26€, if you buy one from other producers you will pay mor as the double price.

You see the details? This is the classic balcony form with horizontal and vertical seam. The top of the cup is flexible and give comfort

Profile view shows a chopstick for strengthen footing and give a natural breastform. So also see, that cups ending at the right position in the armpit.

Side view with maya bra

Frontview with Maya bra
Under clothes this bra is practically unvisible. Sure, I have boobs and they are shown, but the bra isn't.So, if you want you can wear it together with Yvenne thong.

Technical dates:

Yvenne in size 42: 90% Polyamid, 10% Elasthan

length: 90, hight: 10

Yvenne is named as "Boxerstring", means front is higher than at thongs normally are. But I think, it's a normal thong. This thongs works great, it's comfy and sweet.The price is under 10€.

Yvenne Thong in L

In summary, if you want, you may have a good working set with bra and thong under 35€. Both are comfortable and sexy and you don't notice, that you wear underwear.

Let's try it

Love, Braberliner

Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2022

The Thong - (Boxer) - a reasonable compromise

If you look for a reasonable compromise between comfort and support, you may use a thong with high front - a "boxer-string".

The most advantage of wearing a thong is that your butt will not covered and so it's profile is naturally. This is the major reason why thongs are so popular in female underwear wardrobe.

With minimal tape boxerstrings will work with a male body too.

in center the boxer string Amaka in size L

Actually you see the amaka thong from Hunkemöller in pink. This string is very comfortable an the high front covers some problem areas. 

great comfort over the day

Amaka is a thong in a middle price range under 10 €. The fabric is mostly  meshed with embroydery, the base is double shifted fabric. This thong is very comfy and works perfectly. So I ordered it in black too. . 

In summary:

If you love thongs but are not sure how it works a boxer string will be an excellent choice. They are available from all brands in different price ranges. You can try it in unisex sizes in same size as your male wardrobe or in old German sizes if you subtract from your size the number 8 or 10. So, if you wear a male size 52, a size 42 or 44 will work. This correspondends with a unisex size L or XL.

You didn't try to wear a boxerstring? So you should do it.

sincerely your's


Samstag, 3. Dezember 2022

My favorite panty styles

 At least I talked about lingerie and different pants styles in general. So, what styles I do prefer?

What do you think? 

One of the best for starts are the original brief. It works on men or women in the same way. I  especially love the soft fabric and open pattern. At the picture you can see a brief from Hunkemöller in size L. This brief is matching with bra from same line named "Diva".

High waist brief Diva in L

This is a high waist brief with a middle leg cut. So it is well comfy when wearing it. Together with the matching bra it's an nice underwear set for all days. 

Diva in 85F with high waist brief

A detailed review about Diva I already wrote a few years ago.

At the other end my absolute favorite is an G-string thong, from Hunkemöller too. It's the Oceana. This thong is a kond of erotically and in combination with the unpadded bra it's amazing.

Oceana G-string in XL

I you decide like me to wear such a thing you have to tape and hide your assets before. So you can wear it in a comfortable way all days especially in summer when all fabrics are to much and you like it to wear less then in winter.

The set is very hot and I love it.

Oceana in 85E with thong in XL

About the bra I will make a review later.

For today that should be all 

Sincerely yours


Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2022

Let's talk about lingerie

What does it mean. Seriously, in all you guys, there is a part of female behaviour. When you, like me, many years wear a bra, then you think about wearing more. Why? 
One advance of female wardrobe is that feeling, if you wear it. The pattern of modern female wardrobe is more sensible to your body. The fabrics are lighter ans the colors are brighter. Same as you wear a brief or thong, there are softer fabrics and embroidery. Have you ever wear a thong? You should try it. Clearly female anatomy isn't like male. So you have to hide some parts between your legs. 
In the next weeks I will talk about wearing underwear from lady's department and what you can do for a comfy and good look. Also talk how to hide your male assets in a comfortable way and about the nice feeling, when you wear strings under your pants. 
So, let's start with a short overview about female bottoms: 

At the picture you can see a part of my actual pants, all kind of , so first off all let's categorize them in groups. There are two main categories: 
  • the brief: it's an normal underwear you can wear all days without special measures, they are also named as panties or knickers 
  • the thong: there are three type, the g-string, the brasilian and thong 
  • the boxer: this is a short kind of male briefs, also available as string-boxer or boxer-string 
I have all of these pants in my lingerie drawer and they ar soft and comfy if you wear they in the best manner. 
So that's all for today. wish you good luck 

Yours´'s Braberliner